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SoulFULL Spring experience




Spiritual growth.


You'll be hard-pressed to find this combination of healing in one magical session - It's not what most other trainers or healers do. I knew in my heart that this beautiful space needed to be birthed and brought to life because truly, all of these work in conjunction to allow you to actually give your body what it's craving - love, play, acceptance, and space for it to feel at ease.

When our bodies feel in alignment, our minds and souls bring us such *amazing* messages that allow creativity, happiness, and manifestation to begin! In these 3-hour workshops, I bring you the most amazing combination of movement, healing, and meditation, leaving you feeling a sense of peace but also excitement and reignite that fire inside of you. Walking out the door, you'll have clarity on what's "next", and actionable steps to get there.

I created The SoulFULL Experience for the woman who simply needs space to be held for her as she goes through life's changes and transitions. A space where she can move her body with love, and without fear of judgement. To just *feel* like she can be herself, when it feels like the rest of the world is telling her that she can't. 







♥️ Are you looking for guidance through all of life's twists and turns?
♥️ Are you feeling muscle tension and tightness, and feel as though your body needs to release some of this in order to feel like *you* again?
♥️ Are you *sick* of the hustle culture & getting lost in the chaos of life - hustling through work, relationships, even FUN...only to feel empty at the end of the day?
♥️ Are you feeling called to tune into your intuition, and looking for signs that will point you in the *right* direction?
♥️ Are you a healer who is holding onto tension in her body, and needs to release to open space for energy to flow?
♥️ Do you want to move your body with a sense of love and power - lowering stress levels and bring awareness to your body?
♥️ Do you want an experience that will leave you feeling refreshed, and more deeply connected to your inner self?
♥️ Are you ready to tune in, and tune up?



During and after our Spring SoulFULL Experience, you'll walk away feeling:

  • That spark inside you reignited.

  • Relieved of physical and emotional tension. 

  • Deeper awareness and connection to self

  • You'll feel in alignment (physically and spiritually)

  • Having concrete steps to take action in life

  • Supported, and FULL of life and love.

  • Like you have constant and endless support (because you will!)

If you feel called to be a part of this space...



"When I walked into the space, Jolie’s energy immediately made me feel calm and grounded. She has this wonderfully soothing vibe about her, and she filled the whole room with it. She passed around an essential oil for us if we chose to wear some during the practice (so glad I did!). She lead us through a deep breathing exercise to get into our bodies, and then we moved into the movement flow portion. Honestly, everything felt SO GOOD. I stretched places I didn’t know needed stretching, I got my heart rate up, we laughed, it was playful. It was FUN. I felt completely comfortable showing up in whatever way I needed to, and Jolie created such a safe space for us to trust ourselves and our bodies and know that whatever we were able to do was perfect. After the movement, she brought us back down to a relaxing segment where we were able to take time to feel how our bodies were doing, to meditate, and to rest. We laid down for restorative stretching, and she came around to each one of us and did some magical energy work. When she put her hands on my head, and gently helped me to open up my shoulders, I truly got full body tingles, and could feel the love and warm intentions she was pouring into me. It was amazing. After the body work and restorative stretching, we each sat up and had an opportunity to share how our experiences felt. This created connection and sisterhood around the room as we had the freedom to share what was going on in our bodies and our minds during the practice. This workshop was truly so healing and powerful, and I cannot wait to have another opportunity to go again, and it's amazing that she now offers them over the course of a season for more connection!"

-Hannah, Life Coach

"Group workshops aren’t usually my thing - I struggle with back pain, and always feel the unsaid social pressure to keep up with the rest of the group when my body may say otherwise. When Jolie said this was going to be an intuitive movement flow, something clicked and I was instantly put at ease. It was the perfect, safe, supportive place where I could really relax and tune into what my body was needing that morning, without guilt or feeling like I was getting off track with the class. I loved how nothing was fully planned or rigidly structured. Jolie, with her calming and nurturing energy, did a wonderful job of acknowledging what each person was craving, adjusting the flow as needed, and giving individual suggestions. By the end of it all, the tension in my back that I’m so used to was significantly reduced, as if the message it was sending me was finally seen and heard. What a powerful thing to tune in that closely to our bodies and what they are trying to tell us, something that higher intensity and more ‘masculine’ type exercise often can’t do. That said, I still felt as though my whole body got a workout! I left the room feeling lighter and more energized for the day, both physically and mentally. If you’re craving a different kind of approach to fitness, and gentle guidance to reconnect with your body and its power, I can’t recommend Jolie’s workshops and SoulFULL enough!"

-Lisa, Intuitive Astrologer

"As a healer and super sensitive soul, I can carry a lot of energy in my shoulders and chest. I was going through some major shifting and transitions in my life so a lot was rising for me at the time. Jolie was able to help me return to a place of calm, grace, and ease.

During Jolie’s class, I felt so held, so nurtured and so loved through it all—each position, each exercise, each movement. I felt like I had permission to just move my body, in my own time, at my own pace, in my own flow, and just BE. Which I absolutely loved. It felt like the class was tailored just for me. And it was EXACTLY what I needed that day. Not just for my body, but my mind and spirit, too.

Jolie chose some beautiful essential oils to use during the class that helped me to connect more deeply to my heart and feel the joy in moving my body. And she used her healing gifts at the end of the class too, which helped me to release a bit of the heaviness I’d been holding in my chest for so long. It was magical. She knew exactly what position I needed to be in and where her hands needed to be to guide me to that energetic release. And I felt safe and supported. Able to just let go. And be however I needed to in that moment.

I am so grateful that I got to experience Jolie’s magic and so grateful that she is sharing her incredible gifts with the world! It, SHE, is so needed! Thank you, Jolie, for being the magical being you truly are!"

- Corinne, Intuitive Healer

My next 3-part SoulFull Spring experience  in nyc is March 24th.

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