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As we approach a new year and step into 2023, there can be a lot of emotions and questions that stir within us. With this 1-hour LIVE reading via Zoom, I aim to provide you with a deeper understanding on your own energetics, potential themes that may arise in the next year, and how you can interpret the information/messages being presented to you. I do this using my intuitive connection, ability to read energies, and using Oracle and/or Tarot cards to help you have a deeper awareness of energies around you and how to work with them for the year ahead. 



Once purchased, I'll reach out to setup your 1:1 reading via Zoom!


Please note: I use these readings to provide a safe, sacred space in which information is presented to you. This is not a psychic reading, I am not a fortune teller and any actions taken based on the interpretation of this reading are your own responsibility. 






Jolie is a Master energy healer and intuitive, with a background in personal training and bodywork. Utilizing these tools, she brings you different modalities such as energy healing, healing movement, meditation, and more, to help others achieve self-alignment and recognize their potential by exploring their own energy - physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.

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