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December Energy Forecast 2022: Rest, Creativity, and Magic ✨

December is a powerful month, reminding us of the connection between our inner & outer worlds. Our being and our doing. The masculine and feminine that live within all of us.

Key themes:

  • Rest when/where needed

  • Creativity for inspiration

  • Magic & relaxing into your greatness

December invites us into the joy and playfulness within us, when it feels best - and ONLY when it feels best. This is an introspective time, especially as we approach the winter solstice, but there is also a sense of excitement and the idea of renewal that brings us a sense of happiness internally. Be aware that this energy can be invigorating, but also overstimulating.

Something to remember: there is always some lightness within the dark. If you're feeling more tired lately, more fatigued, need to step away from technology, or are in need of more downtime than normal, know that there are deep changes taking place. Rest is needed, but your rest may look different than others' rest - some may be in need of more sleep, while others are being asked to focus on quiet time without technology. This energy is supporting you in becoming more of who you really are. It's important for me to note here; you do not have to try to be who you are, for you are already whole. You are simply allowing more of yourself to shine through. Deep spiritual work is happening, and on some level new phases are beginning - even before the clock strikes midnight on 12/31. If you are hoping for bigger, deeper changes to happen in 2023, then know that you must begin small. The excitement you have for the next year is not a coincidence, but all of the progress you are craving must start from small steps forward to create lasting change.

You may find that you are striving to find a new semblance of balance within your relationships and/or emotions, which can be emotionally tiring! December may feel like a rebalancing or harmonizing month, in multiple areas, which in turn asks us to rest as much as needed - this rebalancing is happening on a deep level, because these changes have been asking for our attention for some time! DO NOT fight this, for the longer that you fight these feelings, or the changes that are inevitable, they will continue to grow and take over your physical body - which may resulting in physical ailments, illnesses, headaches, etc. Being able to rest and reset is a gift! Finding the pockets in your days for time to rest is vital and crucial especially as we approach the solstice.

Things may start to feel very direct on a mental level – this may come across as being blunt in communication, or simply being able to make up your mind more quickly when given choices. As silly as this may sound, this will in turn allow you to be able to invite in some creativity into your days, because you will not feel bogged down by your thoughts quite as often. And vice versa - if you are experiencing mental heaviness, creativity will be a wonderful place for you to begin to express yourself and your emotions, lessening the pressure within.

Creativity tends to be depicted as a physical art form, and many will imagine that this means taking up a new hobby such as painting, dancing, sewing, etc. Similar to our rest theme, you'll need to invite creativity into your life in different ways. If you're feeling like one area of your life is in need of change, it may be time to get creative in coming up with ideas for how to make those changes (i.e, thinking "outside the box"). This may also mean getting creative in your thought processes. Creative expression is also a wonderful way to process deep thoughts and emotions, and this may take more of an artistic form (painting, dancing, new hobbies, etc.). The key with this type of creativity is going to be allowing it to flow through you in whatever ways feel or sound best - so not forcing yourself to paint a mural if that doesn't feel fun and light for you!

With the end of the year upon us, you will find magic in celebrating endings and new beginnings. It is a time to celebrate you and all that this year has brought you, no matter how seemingly small things felt at the time. All of those tasks that were completed, things that were accomplished, the highs, the lows, all of it! This introspective time in December is rich with reminiscence of all of the greatness within you. It serves as a reminder that no matter how monotonous your days may feel, how much negativity may have taken place in the world, and no matter the state of the world - you hold such magic within you, and it is time to remember that. To embrace the magic within.

The magic that exists in our world may be seen every single day in some way, when our eyes are open and we are open to receiving this magic. It can be seen in the sunrising and setting over the horizon each day. It can be felt when you have your toes in the grass. It can be present in every laugh, cry, and hug.

When was the last time you felt the immensity of the wonder of our world?

When was the last time you believed in magic itself? In miracles?

Remembering the magic that exists externally in every facet on our earth, as well as the magic that is you and is within you, is a key theme as we begin to close out December.

The end of December brings a welcome reprieve. Lots of renewal energy coming in toward the middle/end of the month, bringing to us a renewed sense of hope and faith. Typically, we feel this sense of renewal in the Springtime, but the end of December brings a piece of renewal that is much needed internally.

You might be searching for a deeper meaning or purpose in your life, or may have been pondering new ideas over the last few months, and are now getting the tap of, "out with the old and in with the new!". Even before 2023 rings in, you may get the nudge to start making significant changes in your life - again, becoming who you really are, and embracing yourself fully. In doing so, you are bringing forth new perspective, and choosing the highest version of yourself. While life itself is a profound spiritual journey, the end of 2022/beginning of 2023 will feel like you are renewing your inner energy. Listening to your intuition wiStrip back any limiting beliefs, facades, or deceptions, and live in your authentic nature. Be open to new ideas and growth, and listen to the still voice within.

I find that typically when January 1st rolls around, there is not a significantly different feeling in it being a new year - however, with the heaviness that we are leaving behind in 2022, it will feel like an ideal time to invite in renewal in a calm, soothing way. Renewal by way of feeling like things are shifting, trusting in ourselves and in God/the Universe in deeper ways, and by feeling the ability to take a deep cleansing breath. By inviting in the themes of rest, creativity, and magic this month, we will be stepping into a new year with a reemergence of a deeper connection to self, to our bodies, and to our purpose.

Physically, areas to focus on and connect with this month will be the chest; when working with these themes and finding alignment throughout December, heart expansion and openness will be present, your breath will feel deeper and more pure, and heaviness may begin to lighten. Our breath has such potential to help us integrate these themes, as well as to rejuvenate our bodies - physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. You may notice this month if you're out of alignment with yourself that you feel heavy in the chest, tightness in your shoulders, and a shallow breath.

I'll be sharing some movement practices + other exercises/prompts throughout the month to help you not only work with the themes mentioned here, but also to check in with yourself energetically!

My December wish for you is that you begin to see the magic within you and all around you. That you feel a deep sense of connection to yourself, your body, and to your spirit. That you begin to embrace everything that is meant for you, including your authentic self. Hold onto the inspiration that strikes you, and reflect on all of the beauty of 2022.

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