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✨February 2023 Energy Forecast ✨

Key themes:

  • What is is that you're craving & longing for? How are you inviting it in?

  • Prioritizing and listening to your own needs

  • Break free from what is stopping you, and ground in gratitude

Let me ask you this, do you have something that you're craving in your life?

Is there one (or two?) things that you've been truly longing for?

If your answer is YES, know that February's energy is here to encourage you to tap into this longing, and is urging you to ask yourself, "how am I inviting this new thing/new chapter into my life?". In other words, how are you creating space for this thing/change that you're longing for to exist in your life, the way that you are living right now? Are you living in a way that is catered to an older version of yourself, or are you living your life in a way that encourages more room for growth? It's important to remember that it's not always about taking massive action when we know that we want something to change - sometimes, and this month specifically, it's about prioritizing yourself and your needs and looking at what actually needs to happen in order to call this into existence.

Prioritizing yourself doesn't simply have to mean always putting yourself first, no matter what the cost. What's most important is prioritizing the things that you're longing for, the changes that you're craving! By prioritizing the things in your life that you want/need, you're inviting these things into your energetic space and creating a foundation for them to exist. Especially after January's theme of stepping into your core power, you have been reminded that you hold so much potential within you to make shifts happen! You can create this foundation, and you are! Ask yourself these questions:

What matters most to me in my life, and if someone were on the outside looking in, would it appear to them that I am prioritizing the things that matter most to me?

Am I putting effort into the things that I crave, and inviting them into my energetic space? If I were to have **this new thing** tomorrow, do I have enough space in my daily life for this to exist? If not, what needs to shift?

Essentially, if you're wanting to call something new into your life, what is it that you're doing to step into that energy, to act as if it already is? Does your energy correspond with what you're calling in?

Maybe you're reading this and it feels like there are a lot of roadblocks in your way. Maybe they're excuses, or maybe they're reasons, but it seems like there are certain things that are preventing you from moving forward in your life and actually creating space for the new life you're stepping into. First things first, recognize when and where those roadblocks are popping up. Maybe your schedule isn't ideal right now, and by making minor tweaks in how you go about your morning, for example, you may set yourself up mentally + emotionally for the rest of the day. But at the same time, it's important to note that overwhelm may be a common and familiar feeling this month...

Sometimes a longing for a better life/calling in new things can bring on feelings of overwhelm (aka, overstimulation, thinking of all the things you have to do!) - know that this is normal, and actually very helpful to recognize where resistance lies. I encourage you to ask yourself, what are the things that I keep putting off and procrastinating? Why do I feel the need to keep putting this off?. There may be a lot of feelings of overwhelm that you experience throughout the month, but at the same time by acknowledging its existence and wanting to stop feeling this sense of overwhelm, things will begin to feel more seamless. You'll start to say to yourself, I got this!

Of course with all of the dreaminess this month in asking yourself, what is it that I'm craving in my life, and how am I calling it in? we've got to balance things out (i.e, the idea of energy input and energy output!). While that dreaminess and longing will absolutely be helpful in moving energy this month, it's also important to stay present and not stay up in the clouds for too long. In fact, I have a tip for you: Take your phone out and set a reminder to pop up at least once a day, perhaps at your busiest moments. This reminder that you set will be titled, "What am I grateful for in this moment? How does my body feel when I tap into this gratitude?". By seeing this reminder pop up every day, you're prompting yourself to ground into the present moment. In doing so, you'll recognize that even in the most overwhelming moments of your day, and even in the midst of all that you want to shift in your life, that there is always gratitude to be had. By tapping into the simplest of gratitude's, you're inviting nourishment into your body and spirit and creating even more space for all of this newness to sink in!

This month, give yourself permission to lean into the dreaminess of all that you're longing for in your life. Give yourself permission to experience overwhelm, and to acknowledge where it exists in your life. Give yourself permission to truly tap into where you want things to shift, and why. Ground in gratitude to keep yourself feeling nourished as you step into this next chapter. And overall, take a deeper stock of what you really want and need in your life, and who you're here to be!

I'll be sharing some movement practices + other exercises/prompts throughout the month to help you not only work with the themes mentioned here, but also to check in with yourself energetically!

Be sure to stay tuned on social media for more updates and tips on how to work with February's energies!

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