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January 2023 Energy Forecast: LOVE, Connection, and Core Power✨

As December fades away and we step into a new month and new year, January's energy is here to remind us to nurture ourselves, redefine what success means, and to invite LOVE in!

Key themes:

  • Love, sweetness, and compassion

  • Conscious connection

  • Recognizing the power you have at your core

I mentioned on social media recently that if January 2023 were a color, it would be a soft but vibrant pink - a color that represents love, sweetness, nurturing and compassion.

These three themes are incredibly intertwined, so let's dive in:

January 2023 brings us a lot in the realm of love and in the realm of new beginnings! We have this initial energy coming in this month in that is gentle and caring. This energy is going to stay present in certain aspects of our lives throughout the year as we have just began a Universal year 7 in numerology. That Universal 7 means we can expect a little bit more introspection, and taking things a little bit "slower" so as to allow our bodies and minds to process what's actually coming up for us. That's not to say that the entirety of the year will be slow, but there will be this underlying introspection and highly spiritual nature of 2023.

I’ve always felt and heard from others that January doesn’t typically “feel” like a new year or a new beginning (with good reason, one of them being that we're in the dead of winter). However, I’ve heard from many clients and friends that entering into 2023 simply feels different. Not good, not bad, but there is an inkling of a new beginning, in the gentlest sense of the phrase. Bearing that in mind, it will be important to embrace any feelings of new beginnings, spontaneity, and free-spiritedness if/when they arise for you this month. By embracing these feelings when they show up, you are connecting your body, mind, and spirit, and will find that love exists in deeper ways in your life. You're nurturing the sweet, gentle energies in your physical body. Even if you're not necessarily sure what you want this year to hold for you, know that you are being called to commit to yourself and to follow your heart at this time. Having faith throughout the year of 2023 is going to be vital in allowing you to trust not only in yourself but also in God and the Universe and that you are being guided on this journey. If you are not feeling like it is the time for you to set goals or to even think about things that you want to accomplish this year because it feels too heavy, this is your invitation to relax, play, and have fun. Love, sweetness, and enjoyment must be present in your life to allow you to feel like your truest self and to connect to the energy that flows through you and all around you!

If, on the other hand, you are feeling more motivated and excited to set goals, it will be first important for you to first redefine what success looks like for you in 2023. Typically we have an idea in our mind or in our minds eye that doesn't necessarily connect with what our body defines as success. I'd encourage you to go for a walk in nature, sit with a journal, or even do a movement flow and start to allow your mind and body to reconnect on what success looks and feels like for you this month AND this year!

With the theme of conscious connection in January, there will be an emphasis on creating and nurturing meaningful relationships. For some, this may involve reassessing friendships + connections, and for others it may mean more networking, or going out and seeking more friendships that are in alignment. This theme is also inviting us to communicate more openly about our needs and our wants, and really being able to share our deepest feelings. Whom do you have in your circles that you can communicate with openly and freely without judgement? While the theme here is conscious connection, there is an overarching theme about getting clear around your values, beliefs and what it is you need this year to feel supported and loved by yourself and by others.

Recognizing your power at the core of who you are is a deep theme of January. This theme is densely intertwined with other themes listed - connection with others, and love/sweetness. When you allow yourself to connect with others whom you feel you can trust and resonate with, as well as do the things that allow you to tap into the simple sweetness of life, you're inviting in more connection to your higher self, and The Universe/God. When that connection deepens, so does purpose! When we begin to feel a deeper sense of purpose, our light brightens. The choice is then easy to make when we are faced with the question, "will I be a light amidst the darkness of our world?". It's important to remember: we are constantly given choices every day. The choices you make each day are (predominantly) your own, and throughout January - and 2023 - you are going to be given more choices that will either allow you to step deeper into your most authentic self, or more further away from it. The choices you make this month in regards to how to bring in more love/sweetness into your life, and connection with others will involve discernment. This discernment comes from the body AND the mind, and is going to play an important role in how you make your choices that feel in alignment for you. When you proceed by making choices in an aligned way, such as doing things that bring you more joy, feel like true mind/body decisions, you are connecting deeper to your personal power at your core!

This core power will continue to be present throughout 2023, so nurturing yourself this month and inviting in the love, sweetness, and connection into your days will help you reestablish (and even remember!) the power you hold at the core of your being.

Physically, areas to focus on and connect with this month will be different for everyone; when working with these themes and finding alignment throughout January, you will notice that different thoughts, feelings, and emotions bubble up to the surface. Things that you have struggled with physically or even emotionally in the past may become present again this month, sparking thoughts of, "but I thought I already worked through/healed this?!" . There may be more constriction present in your physical body, which is going to bring us a greater potential for release - when we are aware of the tightness and constriction. Check-ins during the mornings and evenings are a great way to maintain a sense of awareness of your body (physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually).

I'll be sharing some movement practices + other exercises/prompts throughout the month to help you not only work with the themes mentioned here, but also to check in with yourself energetically!

My January wish for you is that you begin to welcome in love, sweetness, and compassion into your life and see the beauty in immaterial things. That you hold close to you those who you trust and feel in alignment with. That you begin to embrace the spontaneity whenever it may strike, and always remember the power you hold at the core of your being.

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